Xrross Coffee Smart Business System

XSB(XrrossCoffee Smart Business) is a complete coffee business intelligence solution basic cloud technology, which integrates all terminals, equipment, users and all business parties into XrrossCloud.

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The Smart system includes

❐ Manufacturer system application-suitable for product manufacturing

❐ Cloud coffee machine operating system-suitable for coffee machine control

❐ Automatic vending system operating system-suitable for vending machine control

❐ Coffee user application-for end user services

❐ Material supplier application-suitable for material suppliers and warehouses

❐ Business sales distribution and management system application-suitable for sales representative and distributors

❐ Franchise store management system application-suitable for the owner/manager of the franchise store

❐ Logistics management system APP-suitable for logistics control

Xrross Coffee Business Solution

A day for users of Xrross Coffee

A Day for the Owner of Xrross Coffee Franchise Store

A day of the store manager of Xrross Coffee Franchise

A day of the sales representative of Xrross coffee products

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Xrross welcomes everyone who agrees with our business philosophy to join our team, and a variety of business models are available to meet your current business needs.

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