Business model

Target: Small-scale store

Plan:Xrross will grant franchise rights to some small shops in the office building or near it within a specific range, and the shopkeeper will purchase or rent a coffee machine from Xrross on the premise of no additional rent and store staff. The raw materials professional coffee formula and special coffee and milk powde are provided by Xrross. The customers served include the customers in the store and the customers who order coffee from the Xrross Coffee APP. There are no seats in the store, and only take-out and delivery services are provided.

Xrross will provide the franchisees with excellent quality coffee beans, milk powder and other raw materials, skilled coffee machines, and detailed professional training.

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Business Idea

At present, coffee drinks are becoming more and more popular, and they have become a daily energy starter for some white-collar workers. Coffee drinks are generally sold in specific coffee shops and restaurants, and they are expensive.

Our store upgrade plan aims to make full use of the resources of existing small stores, without additional staff and shop rent, to help small businesses develop additional coffee business and added value, and take advantage of the superior geographical location of these stores to White-collar workers and coffee lovers provide a cup of high-quality and cost-effective coffee.

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Xrross welcomes businessmen who agree with our business philosophy to join our team, and a variety of business models are available to meet your current business needs.

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