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Our story

Since its establishment in 1997, Xrross Ltd., has been committed to the development of cloud technology and intelligent machines. We have established a communication bridge between humans and machines to make machines more humane and make people's lives more convenient and exciting. Starting in 2019, Xrross has cooperated with Drago' Mocambo, a German company with hundred years of experience in coffee product brands. Using the Internet business model, it will make full use of mobile Internet and big data technology to develop unique solutions for Xrross Cloud. Coffee APP products create a unique Xrross Coffee brand.

Our mission

With the development of economy and the progress of society, people's pursuit of high-quality life is becoming more and more significant. Xrross hopes to bring high-quality coffee products to every coffee lover and make coffee a daily necessity. Xrross's products cover coffee single products, coffee beans, coffee powder, and there is also a self-made brand of Xrross coffee shop, which aims to allow consumers to taste delicious and refreshing coffee more quickly and conveniently.

Our Coffee

Xrross hopes to create a culture called "German Coffee" in China. Combining the highest-quality coffee beans, smooth and continuous roasting procedures, the highest-quality extraction technology and exquisite original industry proportioning expertise, we will create a cup of "daily high-level German standard" coffee for everyone

Our Accomplishment

Our partner Drago Mocambo GmbH has 35 years of experiences in coffee product. Its products are green and pollution-free foods with international certification. The customer base is located in different countries in Europe. In recent years, it has successfully settled in China. It has established stores on large online shopping platforms such as Tmall and JD. The sales volume is considerable and the reputation is good. Xrross has developed a smart coffee APP with a novel business model that can be quickly accepted by the market.

Our business

Our business is divided into three types: coffee, coffee products, and coffee shop franchise. For more details, please refer to our website or call us directly.

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Drago Mocambo Product Series

At present, Drago Mocambo's products include coffee beans, ground coffee powder, coffee capsules, espresso filter bags, etc.

Xrross Coffee Franchise Plan

Xrross Coffee Franchise Plan has 5 modes,including Store upgrade plan, mobile coffee shop plan, Xrross coffee shop plan, vending machine plan and corpartion user plan.

Xrross Coffee Display Center

Plan:Xrross will open some super coffee display centers in a super large high-end shopping mall to display a variety of coffee products, coffee machines and various coffee derivative products. Each major city will open one or two stores. The area of ​​the store is approximately 100-200 square meters. It sells coffee, cakes and desserts in the shop. Provide free coffee experience and brand experience to end consumers and those who are interested in applying for franchise.

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Mobile coffee shop plan

Plan: Xrross grants franchise rights to merchants who intend to open stores in shopping malls. The store format is a mobile counter store, non-fixed-front stores, and only one store is opened in a mall, which is managed by one employee. Xrross purchases or rents a primary coffee machine, using the professional coffee formula provided by Xrross, with a retail price of 9.90 RMB. In addition, the store also sells cakes and desserts. There are no seats in the store, only take-out and delivery services are provided.

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Store Upgrade Plan

Plan:Xrross will grant franchise rights to some small shops in the office building or near it within a specific range, and the shopkeeper will purchase or rent a coffee machine from Xrross on the premise of no additional rent and store staff. The raw materials professional coffee formula and special coffee and milk powde are provided by Xrross. The customers served include the customers in the store and the customers who order coffee from the Xrross Coffee APP. There are no seats in the store, and only take-out and delivery services are provided.

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Vending Machine Plan

Plan content: All the ownership and operation rights of coffee vending machines belong to Xrross. Xrross will set up coffee vending machines in offices, campuses, airports, stations, gas stations, expressway service areas and communities. There will be only one coffee vending machine in a shopping mall or center. The retail price is 9.9 yuan. Only take-out and delivery services are provided.

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Corpartion User Plan

Plan: All coffee machine ownership and operation rights belong to Xrross. Xrross will install coffee vending machines in companies which have more than 50 people. A company can place one or more coffee machines according to the actual situation. The retail price is 9.9 RMB.

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