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Brand History

In search of an unparalleled, typical Italian coffee flavor, Guiseppe Drago started adventurously roasting coffee in his small garage in 1985. Even then, there should not be any compromises in taste. Every drop of Italian spirit attracted people's attention. In fact, Guiseppe Drago successfully aroused the enthusiasm of more and more coffee lovers, which led to the development of this small idea into a medium-sized family business.

In 2011, his children Concetta and Giorgio Drago inherited his business leadership. The founder's family business philosophy-highest quality and traditional roasting coffee in drum roasting process-remains the main principle of Drago Mocambo. At the same time, the company has established trade relations with coffee farmers in many countries near the equator. Drago Mocambo ensures that the highest quality water is obtained through direct contact with farmers and farms.


Drago Mocambo's Philosophy

Since the establishment of the Drago Mocambo brand, it has been committed to producing coffee beans with a unique and memorable taste. Based on this goal, they have always adhered to the four principles.

Select high-quality raw coffee beans

In the past 30 years, we have established long-term and in-depth trade relations with farmers and farms around the global coffee growing area, and always pay attention to and follow up the production process of soil conditions, cultivation, harvesting and processing.

Ideal coffee bean maturity

After research, the ideal growing place for high-quality coffee beans is located near the equator. The farther the growing place is from the equator, the more difficult it is to roast the aroma of coffee beans. Therefore, Drago Mocambo only buys coffee from Peru, Togo, India, Brasilia, Colombia and Guatemala. The climate and geographic location of these countries guarantee perfect maturity conditions.

Traditional roasting method

Under natural conditions, coffee beans are sensitive natural products. Therefore, roasting will greatly affect the taste. Unlike the beans in large-scale production that require short-term roasting within 2-5 minutes, Drago Mocambo emphasizes gentle roasting (long-term roasting) to achieve the best taste experience.

Traditionally, Drago Mocambo's green coffee beans are roasted in a drum roaster for 16-20 minutes according to the variety-through the traditional roasting method, the unique rich aroma and strong digestibility are revealed.

A unique taste experience

In addition to standard parameters, such as coffee type, grinding degree, coffee volume and water temperature, preparation also has a decisive influence on the taste experience. The recognition of sour leaves, bitterness, astringency, taste and aroma also play an important role in coffee flavor.

After a long period of trial, Drago Mocambo has found the best formula to produce coffee products that consumers praise.

Chief Leadership Introduction

The picture on the left shows the three important members of the company: Director and Chief Barista Mr Maurizio Caccamo (Middle), Owners of the brand Ms Concetta Drago (Left)and Mr Giorgio Drago (Right)

Place of Origin

Drago Mocambo purchases green coffee beans from high-quality origins such as Peru, Togo, India, Brasilia, Colombia and Guatemala. The picture below is from a coffee bean plantation in Colombia.

Roasting Place

Radevormwald is about 50 kilometers east of Cologne. It is the highest town in the Düsseldorf administrative region at an altitude of 421 meters. It is now located in the administrative area of Cologne.

Roasting Factory

The factory has a full set of automated and fully enclosed roasting and packaging production. From the pre-cleaning treatment of raw beans, the storage and roasting of raw beans, the storage and blending of cooked beans, and the packaging of finished products are all fully automated.


Quality of Roasted Coffee Beans


Drago Mocambo's Product Series

Currently, Drago Mocambo's products include coffee beans, ground coffee powder, coffee capsules, espresso easy-to-filter bags, etc. In the future, Xrross will develop more brand-related products, such as coffee machines and coffee appliances.