Business Idea

Coffee drinks are increasingly appearing in the public's sight, especially by white-collar workers. It can help them improve work efficiency and relieve brain fatigue in their busy and exhausted daily work. Cooperating with corporation users, on the one hand, Xrross can help companies increase a certain amount of added value, and at the same time help corporate employees improve work efficiency.

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Business Model

Target: Corporate users with more than 50 employees

Plan: All coffee machine ownership and operation rights belong to Titanium. Titanium will install coffee vending machines in different corporate offices. A company can spin up one or more coffee machines according to the actual situation. Unmanned retail, retail price 9.9 yuan. It is jointly operated by corporate customers and Titanium.

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Xrross welcomes everyone who agrees with our business philosophy to join our team, and a variety of business models are available to meet your current business needs.

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