Brand Concept

Xrross cooperates with Drago Mocambo, a German company with 35 years of experiences in coffee product. Using the Internet business model, it will make full use of mobile Internet and big data technology to develop its unique coffee APP product and create a unique Xrross coffee brand. Xrross hopes to create a coffee culture called "German Coffee" in China.

At present, there are various coffee derivatives on the market, the taste is close to milk tea, but we think that it is not real coffee, real coffee should be healthy, rich and mellow professional serious product, the taste is unique, unlike It is a milk tea substitute with sugar and milk, especially for coffee lovers.

In addition, Titanium hopes to break the "expensive leisure drink" image of coffee portrayed by well-known brands in the current market and make coffee a daily consumable. At present, many coffee brands confuse milk tea drink lovers with coffee lovers. In fact, their tastes are quite different. Coffee contains caffeine, which is a refreshing drink that gives people energy and improves work efficiency.

Xrross's goal is to establish a new coffee business model and open stores with various business models, so that people can enjoy a cup of good, affordable coffee anytime and anywhere every day.

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Coffee Concept

The origin of coffee, "from seed to cup", involves many factors such as coffee tree species, microclimate in the producing area, planting methods, harvesting methods, green bean processing methods, transportation, storage, roasting, grinding, extraction and many other factors. Almost every link in the entire industry chain will affect the final flavor of the coffee in the cup.

Xrross believes that a good cup of coffee has four major elements: high-quality coffee beans, smooth and slow roasting process, high-quality extraction technology and professional preparation formula. Titanium cooperates with the well-known German brand Drago Mocambo, using their natural pollution-free, carefully roasted coffee beans, and using the extraction technology of the professional commercial coffee machine of the world-renowned kitchenware brand WMF to produce unique taste coffee.


Xrross Business Mode

Xrross Coffee is a retail project owned and operated by Xrross. The well-known German coffee brand Drago Mocambo is the sole raw material supplier for the lawsuit.

There are five business models of Xrross Coffee: 1. The exclusive agent of Drago Mocambo's products. Sales channels include offline coffee shops, offline supermarkets, online large shopping e-commerce platforms Tmall, Taobao, JD, etc. 2. Offline terminal retail methods: franchise micro-stores, franchise mobile vending stores, franchise convenience stores, super coffee display centers, commercial offices, vending machines.

Xrross has independently developed a coffee application, which covers the cultural concept of Xrross Coffee, introduction of its own brands and agency, coffee mall, etc.


The Investors of Xrross Coffee

Xrross Coffee's Plan is invested by three companies:Hong Kong Xrross Limited、 Germany Drago Mocambo GmbH and Germany Blue Company.

Management Team

Xrross Key Management Team Introduction

Chief Executive Officer

Steven S.K. Li(Hong Kong)

Chief Barista

Mr Maurizio Caccamo (Germany)

Media Director

Mr Gerald Ram(Germany)

Supply chain Director

Mr Birger Bertermann(Germany)

Join Us

Xrross welcomes businessmen who agree with our business philosophy to join our team, and a variety of business models are available to meet your current business needs.

Phone Number: 4006-368-369

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